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Academic Staff Affairs


Academic Staff Affairs is concerned with enforcement of policies and rules for recruitment and appointment of faculty members, and follow-up variables that occur on these policies and rules.


The main objective of academic staff affairs is to facilitate administrative matters and services provided to faculty members, to enable them to carry out their academic duties to the fullest.

Enforcement of policies and regulations for recruitment, appointment and renewal for faculty members, language teachers, lecturers and academic support staff.
Prepare statistical statements required in various university departments by faculty members and language teachers and lecturers and academic support functions.
Administrative certification for faculty members, language teachers, lecturers, and academic support staff.
Preparing agenda for promotions of faculty members.
Prepare permits for official duties for faculty members.
Issue Secondment forms
Cooperation with other related departments.
Preparation of payroll for faculty and the changes that take place to them.
Perform any other administrative work related to faculty members.
Units of Department

1- Faculty Appointments
  Appointments and Contracts
  Administrative Affairs
2- Language Teachers, Lecturers, and Academic Support Staff Appointments
  Language Instructors and Lecturers
  Academic Support Staff
3- Leaves and Secondments
4- Administrative Services
  General Register
  Information and Files
  Passports and Secretary
5- Financial Audit and Review
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