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Research Environment At Kuwait University


Kuwait University is providing a system of research promoting the wide interests in basic, applied and humanities research, facilitated through resources and services support. Research Sector at Kuwait University is responsible for enhancing this well define system of research and pursuing high quality ventures that are scientifically sound and seek to resolve national concerns. The research environment at KU therefore, focused on building institutional research strengths through well-defined programs, clear priorities, and provision of awards and rewards as stimulants for high quality research. Kuwait University is promoting the culture of research through the process of grant support provided to faculty and graduate students. For further details on Research visit website. The Research sector develops infrastructure and equipment resources to facilitate advanced experimentation and seeks to provide a congenial environment for the pursuit of high quality research. The research environment at Kuwait University is being expanded with core research acquiring labs, advanced instruments and hi-tech machinery, together with trained manpower and technical support necessary for their operation, functionality and maintenance.

laboratories and facilities
There are three world class laboratories provided for research in Kuwait University:
Science Analytical Facilities

HSC Research Core Facilities
Engineering Scientific Facilities
External Research Collaborations
This program started in 2007 to accomplish the goals of developing alliances with external institutions, public/private bodies and industrial sector to transfer the results of applied research into marketable products for benefiting mankind . Collaboration Details
Main Research Areas
Fields of Research are to classify research activity in Kuwait University. These Fields are grouped into different research areas. For details visit Website