About the Study
Abroad Program.

Kuwait University has developed an exchange partnership with academic institutions across the world. This allows Kuwait University both graduate and undergraduate students (outbound exchange students) to study abroad, and equally gives the same opportunity for international students (inbound exchange students) to come to study at Kuwait University.

The study abroad program is administered, under the supervision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. These pages provide students at Kuwait university and interested international students with relevant information about the student exchange program.

Kuwait University seeks to internationalization and facilitates the diversification of the student community through the student exchange program.

The mission of the student exchange program is to help students gain understanding, acquire knowledge, enhance the academic, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world, by providing a meaningful overseas experience, while incorporating study which counts towards their degree.

The student exchange program is a key component of the international profile of Kuwait university partners. While SEP reciprocal exchange and study abroad programs enable Kuwait university students to experience intellectual, social, and personal growth through immersion into other cultures, Kuwait university also offers exchange spaces for qualified international student to attend its’ campus.

Benefits of the student exchange program for students:

  • Gives the opportunity to live independently in a different culture and society.
  • Identifies how to live financially independent.
  • Contributes to share a collective sense of fulfillment in contributions to society.
  • Creates the ability to be a good decision maker within a new cultural environment.
  • Strengths the relation of forgiveness between students.
  • Enables students to live in a culturally diverse world.