Distinguished Teaching Award Rules and Regulations

First: Introduction

As An Institution For Higher Education And Scientific Research, The University Aims To Shape And Develop Students’ Skills In Terms Of Professional, Analytical, And Intellectual Capabilities. The University Also Aims To Enrich Knowledge Through Deductive Reasoning, Creative Research, Preserving Community Heritage, And Protecting Its Values. Teaching Is One Of The University’s Core Activities In Achieving These Objectives. By Means Of A Distinguished Teaching Process, Advanced Students Achieve Their Qualifications And Students’ Aspiration For Learning And Research Is Consolidated. Within The Framework Of Such A Process, The Lecturer Provides A Good Example To His/Her Students. The University Attaches Great Importance To The Teaching Process By Choosing The Best And Most Proficient Human Factors To Join The Teaching Staff. The University Also Works On Training Selected National Staff Members To Be Sent, Through Scholarship Programs, To The Most Prestigious Universities In The World. In Addition, The University Strives To Provide Various Material Resources From Lecture Halls, Laboratories And Libraries To Multi-Functional Technical Facilities That Aid In The Teaching Process. Despite The Fact That Distinguished Teaching Is A Special Talent, It Can Be Acquired And Progressed To A High And Effective Level Through The Hard Work Lecturers Put Into Preparing The Materials, Developing And Improving The Utilization Of Sessions And Office Meetings, Interacting Creatively With Students In Session Rooms, Seminars, Research Projects, Labs, And Other Tools Of Teaching And Training. As A Way Of Assuring The Importance Of Teaching, The University Has Set Up A Range Of Regulations And Systems That Stipulate This Competency As A Basic Condition Upon Which Teaching Staff Members Are Appointed And Promoted. It Is Also The Basis For Renewal Of Their Contracts. Competency Then Is The Main Factor In The Annual Evaluation Of Staff Members’ Performance. The Awarding System—That Was Devised To Recognize Outstanding Members Of Staff—Crowns The University’s Aims To Achieve Its Ultimate Goals By Adopting The Best Teaching Techniques And Methods. Moreover, It Is Regarded As An Incentive For All To Develop The Teaching Process.

Second: Award Objectives

Appreciation Awards, presented for distinguished teaching and methodology, is the way in which the University expresses appreciation of the teaching performance level demonstrated by the winners. It is also recognition for their great efforts in helping students to qualify, developing their competency, motivating their aspiration for learning, knowledge and scientific research, and implanting professional, social and moral values in them. The award represents a symbol of the University’s attention to the teaching process and how important the role of the lecturer is.

Third: The Rules

1. The nomination and selection process for the awards involve all teaching staff members in all faculty and the language tutors in the Language Center at the University of Kuwait. 
2. Nomination application forms can be submitted by the individuals themselves, or by their relative scientific department.

3. A maximum of two annual awards are allocated to each faculty and the Language Center.
4. The Award is given only once.
5. No annual awards will be granted to candidates who do not meet the specified conditions.
6. The University has the sole right to determine the appropriate way in which the winners are honored

Fourth: Nomination Criteria

  1. The Quantitative Analysis (Q), a task for the Department Committee (see Fifth section, item 3). (20% of the overall assessment)
  2. The Department Committee report (D), a task for the Department Committee. (see Fifth section, item 4). (20% of the overall assessment)
  3. The Teaching Portfolio (P), a task for the Faculty Committee. (see Fifth section, item 5). (60% of the overall assessment)

Fifth: Required Data And Documents

  1. The candidate or the nominating party is responsible for submitting data and documents that authenticate the nominees’ participation and their outstanding achievement in teaching activity at Kuwait University. These documents are as follows:

    Nomination application form (Prepared by the candidate)
    A personal report written by the candidate (2-5) pages in which he/she explain their methodology and teaching techniques and how they can share in developing and promoting the teaching process.
    Teaching timetable and the number of registered students for each course.
    Quantitative Analysis form (Prepared by the Department Committee)
    The candidate’s teaching evaluation results for his/her assigned courses as recorded by the Evaluation and Measurement Center. This applies to all courses evaluated during the last two academic years only. A minimum of six results are required (excluding candidates whose faculty curriculum may not permit such a number of evaluations, or if the candidate is in charge of an administrative position at Kuwait University). In such cases, a minimum of four results are required and the candidate must submit evidence as justification for such an exception).
    The teacher’s average assessment (T) and the average of the highest marks in the faculty (F) are calculated. Results of such calculations are added to the aggregate results taken from the Evaluation and Assessment Center that are submitted for all courses evaluated in the last two years.
    The quantity (Q) is calculated as follows:
    Q = T/F x 100 x 20%

    (20% of overall assessment)

    The Department Committee report should include:
    A report on the candidate’s teaching activity describing his/her record in attending seminars, discussion forums, practical training, departmental meetings and committees. In addition, the report should demonstrate the candidate’s commitment to the teaching timetable and office hours. (5% of the final overall assessment)
    The candidate’s evaluation by each member of the department three-member committee (each member is allocated 5%), which is included in the quantity calculation (D) (that represents 20%). So the quantity (D) is calculated as 15% for the departmental three-member committee evaluation + 5% for the department report of the candidate’s academic activities. (3 x 5% of the final overall assessment)
    The Teaching Portfolio: (5 copies) equivalent to 10% of the final overall assessment. It should follow the sequence of the Outstanding Teaching award Dossier. (Prepared by the candidate),
    The Teaching Portfolio should include:
    The contents of all courses the candidate has taught during the last two academic years, their level, and samples of course examination paper. (20% of the final overall assessment)
    Data related to the development of the teaching process such as developing new teaching techniques and methods or conducting field studies related to the candidate’s course. (10% of the final overall assessment)
    A statement revealing the candidate’s participation in conferences, workshops, or seminars on developing the teaching process and teaching skills of tutors. (10% of the final overall assessment)
    A statement listing course-related academic textbooks that the candidate has written or participated in writing or electronic links to his/her own website that is related to the course or websites related to the topics he/she is teaching within the courses. (10% of the final overall assessment)

Sixth: The Committees For Distinguished Teaching Awards

  1. The Department Committee:
    This is a committee that is formed in every department. It is known as “The Committee for Distinguished Teaching Awards”. It comprises three members. of the rank associate professor or professor. The head of department should be a member of this committee. This committee has the responsibility for writing the department report and granting the score of the two criteria (Q) and (D) for each applicant. The committee should also ensure that all required data and documents are available in the candidate’s teaching folder . Finally, the department committee will send the nomination file to the Faculty Dean who will forward it to the Chairman of the Faculty Committee

    The Faculty Committee:
    This is a committee that is formed in every faculty and in the Languages Center following a decision from the Faculty’s Dean or the Center’s Manager. It is known as “The Committee for Distinguished Teaching Awards”. This committee comprises three members of the rank associate professor or professor, including one from a fellow faculty. members should have a wide academic experience, competent in teaching and above all, neutral. The role of this committee is to examine the Department Committee report and comparing the achievements of the applicants in terms of the award’s criteria (Q and D). The committee members are to grant the scores of the criterion (P) and the final overall assessment for each candidate. Finally, the committee submits its recommendations, supported by the achievements analysis and justifications for nomination, regarding the candidates to the Dean for approval by the Faculty Board.

    The University Committee:
    This is a committee that is formed following a decree from the University President. all its members should be at the rank of professor. It is known as “The Supreme Committee for Distinguished Teaching Awards”. The role of this committee is to look into the faculty nominations according to the criteria set forth above. The committee will submit its recommendations to the University Vice-President for Academic Affairs, who in turn will submit them to the President of the University.

    No members of the above committees can apply for such award.

Seventh: Procedures

  1. An annual announcement for the distinguished teaching award is made within two weeks from the start of the academic year. The University Vice-President for Academic Affairs sends the announcement letter to the Deans of Faculties and the Languages Center.
    The Faculty Dean forwards the announcement of the awards to the scientific departments within a maximum of two weeks after its receipt. The Dean forms the Faculty Committee and encourages the scientific departments to form their respective Department Committee.
    The Department Committee examines the files of applicants and grants the scores for the two criteria (Q) and (D) to each applicant. The committee then submits its report and the candidate file to the Dean within two weeks.
    The Faculty Committee examines the applicants’ files and grants both the score for criterion (P) and the final overall assessment for each applicant. Based on the committee’s appropriate decisions regarding the nominees, its recommendations are forwarded to the Dean of the Faculty for approval by the faculty council.
    Complete candidates files approved by the Faculty Board ((including a copy of Faculty Board approval) are to be sent to the office of the University Vice-President for Academic Affairs, before the end of the first semester. Dean of Faculty is required to insure that the file is complete before forwarding it to the Office of Vice-President for Academic Affairs, as incomplete file may be excluded from decision.
    The candidates’ files are then reviewed by The Supreme Committee for Distinguished Teaching Awards . The committee will forward its recommendations to the President of the University through the University Vice-President for Academic Affairs by the middle of the second semester.
    Winners of the Distinguished Teaching Award will be honored in the way the University deems appropriate and adequate.

Eighth: Appreciation Awards

The award includes a certificate of appreciation, a souvenir trophy, as well as a symbolic Financial Reward.