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About VPAA’s

The Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) is the chief responsible for formation of academic policies and supervision of implementing thereof at all academic sectors at the university for the benefit of all individuals at the university.

Responsibilities of the Academic Affairs Sector:

  • Serve as principal aid to the president in the academic issues.
  • Supervise all matters relating to instruction and academic programs in the University.
  • Oversee process of faculty staff appointments
  • Provide advisory recommendations to the President on academic appointments.
  • Initiate and coordinate development and implementation of academic strategic planning.
  • Establish priorities and plans for development of undergraduate academic programs & curricula as well as coordinate periodic reviews of these programs and professional program accreditation.
  • Oversee studies and evaluations leading to the improvement of instruction
  • Review, analyze and formulate academic policies and procedures regarding faculty recruitment, development, and promotions.
  • Supervise and direct the University scholarship program; monitor progress of university scholars in their graduate studies.
  • Prepare and/ or contribute to the preparation of studies on institutional and strategic issues as appropriate.
  • Chair Academic Affairs and University Scholarship Committees
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President.

Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Assistants

Dr. Fahad M. Alfadhli

Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs

Email : vp.academic@ku.edu.kw

Dr. Fahad M. Alfadhli

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Email: avpaa@ku.edu.kw

Dr. Abdalrahman D. Alsulaili

Acting Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Cultural Relations

Dr. Ammar A. Alsayrafi

Acting Assistant Vice President for Evaluation and Measurement

Previous VPAA

Name Starting Date Ending Date
Prof. Jamal Al-Nakas 2/2018 4/2019
Prof. Esam M. Alawadhi 10/2015 10/2017
Prof. Firyal Bou-Rabee 10/2012 10/2015
Prof. Najem Mohammad Al-Najem 10/2008 10/2012
Prof. Nouria Abdul Karim Al-Awadhi 10/2006 10/2008
Prof. Abbas Mohammad Rafie Marafie 9/2002 9/2006
Prof. Hassan Sayed Hussian Al-Alawi 2/1996 9/2002
Prof. Abbas Mohammad Rafie Marafie 11/1193 2/1996
Dr. Najeeb AbdulMonem Al-Salem 10/1989 10/1993
Prof. Ahmed Essa Bishara 9/1985 8/1989
Prof. Mohamed AbdulKarim Ahmed 1/1980 9/1985
Prof. Adnan Shihab-Eldin 9/1979 1/1980