Enlightenment meeting for scholarship candidates for the year 2022/2023

VPAA enlightenment meeting for scholarship candidates for the academic year 2022/2023.

Under the patronage and presence of the Acting Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Maha Al-Sajari, the Office of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs held the enlightenment meeting for the 53 scholarship candidates for the academic year 2023/2022, from various scientific, humanitarian and medical faculties, in the presence of the Acting Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Cultural Relations, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sulaili, and the Director of the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations, Ms. Samira Al-Mansour, in the auditorium hall of the administrative building in Sabah city. Al-Salem University Al-Shadadiya.

First, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Development, Dr. Fahd Al-Fadhli, welcomed the candidates, wishing them to be the best representatives of the State of Kuwait abroad, and the brilliance of Kuwait in particular.

On this occasion, the Acting Vice Chancellor for Scientific Affairs, Professor Dr. Maha Al-Sajari, expressed her happiness with this meeting, indicating that the aim of this meeting is to get to know the accepted students and answer their inquiries and what is difficult for them, pointing out that acceptance for the position of teaching assistant is not an easy matter and they must They strive to reap the fruits of their effort, noting the necessity of following up with the academic advisor, and emphasizing the neglect of global research and participation in scientific conferences in order to raise Kuwait’s name in these international conferences and forums. Wishing them continued success and prosperity in their academic lives.