Kuwait University Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Kuwait Oil Company to Enhance the Level of Health Care

Kuwait University, represented by the Medical Sciences Center, signed on Wednesday morning, October 25, 2023, a memorandum of understanding with Kuwait Oil Company – Medical Group with the aim of exchanging experiences and strengthening the partnership between the two parties in the field of medical care.


In this regard, the Acting Director of Kuwait University, Prof. Dr. Fayez Al-Dhafiri, stated in a statement after signing the agreement that Kuwait University has always taken upon itself the responsibility of supporting interests of medical, service and research value that would serve the community in all its individuals and institutions in particular and Kuwait in general in the field of health care, stressing that the agreement would allow joint cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two parties within the framework of research and academic cooperation in order to develop the health system, adding that The campus of Sabah Al-Salem University City in Al-Shadadiya area accommodates more than 45,000 students, faculty members and employees, and that the absorptive capacity of the university city is based on the highest academic standards capable of serving Kuwait by attracting experienced people.


In the same context, the Acting Vice Chancellor for Medical Sciences, Prof. Osama Al-Saeed, explained that the renewal of the agreement between Kuwait University and Kuwait Oil Company came with the aim of developing the health system by exchanging experiences between the two parties and providing the best community services, pointing out that Ahmadi Hospital, which was established since the forties of the last century, is part of the history of the State of Kuwait and that it was able during these years to serve the Kuwaiti community in the field of health care, pointing out that the agreement came to provide the best Ways of cooperation for the community on the development of the health system, especially that Kuwait University is looking forward to more agreements that will draw up public policies to enhance ways of research and medical cooperation for the spectrums of society.


In turn, the Executive Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs at KOC, Mr. Qusai Al-Amer, stressed that the medical agreement reflects the extent of Kuwait University’s commitment to supporting and strengthening joint cooperation and developing health care, pointing out that through the agreement, experts from Kuwait University will be attracted and delegated, which contributes to enhancing the level of health care provided by the hospital, adding that this cooperation is important to achieve development and progress in the field of medicine and expand the knowledge and experience base in the medical field.