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Curriculum Approval Process

Procedures to develop a new Academic Program

The following procedure should be followed by the proposing entity when developing a new academic program under any academic department or college/faculty, as an independent degree program (major) .

The proposal is sent to the Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs to solicit initial comments.
The proposal is also sent to the Office of Vice-President for Planning to conduct a study for market needs.
Office of Vice-President for Academic Affairs asks three external reviewers to evaluate the program selected from a list of nominees submitted by the college
The college is asked to consider the evaluators’ comments and prepare a final proposal to be presented to University Scientific Committee.
The proposal is sent to the Deans’ Committee and the University Council for approval.

The proposal must contain the following elements
Vision, mission and objectives.
Background and rationale for the new program (establishing the need for the program)
Job postings and career paths available for program graduates
The physical and human resources currently available to support the new program
The physical and human resources needed for the new program
Interaction with other KU departments/colleges
The academic degree title in Arabic and English.
The academic program
Graduation requirements
Grading system of the courses.
List of courses
Course descriptions including course objectives and outcomes
Major sheet specific to the proposed program
Prerequisite mapping
Study plan over years of study
Courses serving as minor for the department and/or university students (if it applies)
Comparison of the proposed program with other relevant programs in Kuwait University
Program admission criteria
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