University Rules and Regulations

University Rules and Regulations

Law No. 76 for the year 2019
Explanatory Memo for Law no Law No. 76 for the year 2019
Law No. 29 for the year 1966
Explanatory Memo for Law no 29 Project for the year 1966
Execution of The University Laws
University Financial Bylaws
Financial Regulations for the Central Committee to Support Kuwait University
University Tenders Bylaws
Faculty Affairs
Faculty Bylaws
Regulations for Part-Time Faculty Members from Kuwait
Faculty Promotion Bylaws
Academic Leave Regulations
Financial Affairs for Visiting Professors
Regulation for Visiting Professors for Sabbaticals in Kuwait University
Housing Allowance Regulation (new bylaws inprocess )
Amendment to the Nomination to the Following Positions (University President – Vice President – Dean – Assistant Dean – Assistant Vice President – Chairman)
University Committees
Vice President Appointment Committee
Vice President Assessment Committee
College Dean Appointment Committee
College Dean Assessment Committee
Assistant Dean for Academic affairs Assessment Committee
Assistant Deans & Assistant Vice Presidents Appointment Committee
Academic Department Chair Appointment Committee
Academic Department Chair Assessment Committee
Interview Guidelines for Appointment of College Deans and Chairman’s
Language Unit Supervisors Appointment committee
Faculty Grievances Committee
Academic Support Staff
Teaching Assistants

Research, Graduate, Appreciation Awards & Scientific Publications

Research and Consultation
Research Centers
Research Staff Appointment
Financial Regulation for Consultation, Research Committees, Training & Development Offices
Financial Regulations for Research
Financial Regulations for Services Unit at Office of the Vice President for Research
College of Graduate Studies
College of Graduate Studies By Laws
Appreciation Awards
Excellence in Teaching Award
Excellence in Research Award
Scientific Publications
Publication Council Regulations
Financial By Laws of Scientific Publication Council
Standards and Medical Application Regulations at health Science Center
Financial By Laws for Scientific Journals
Patent and Ownership Rights and Regulations
Regulations for Scientific Books Composition, Printing, Translation & Publishing Regulation
Regulations for the University Authoring
Financial Regulations for Composition , Publication and Translation
Regulations for Afaq Newspaper

Student Bylaws

Student By Laws
Curriculum Regulations
College of Law Academic Program
Summer Semester Regulation
College Guidance Offices Regulations
Scholarships Regulations
Student Rewards
Execution of Student Rewards
Student Program Regulations
Academic Societies Regulations
Academic Societies Publications Regulations
Academic Student Exchange Regulations
Health Science Center Academic Program Regulations
Academic Departments Workshop Regulation
Distance Education